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The New order of BlockChain Startups

Although the Blockchain technology has been around for quite a few years now  2017 was the year it all really took off.  Bitcoin, which is by now well known as being the first application of cryptocurrency technology, hit $20, 000 a coin and went on to amazing heights through the early part of 2018 until it finally stalled and started to dip having made some investors fortunes in less than a year, however it must be remembered that when it did start to drop it left many “Late Starters” losing considerable amounts. In the meantime, newer coins like Ethereum also saw their prices increase. However, the technology behind these tokens, the blockchain startups, has far more applications than just cryptocurrencies.

Although I’m sure Blockchain will be a huge change for society as a whole in the future as it was internet when it started it still has a few problems to be solved. But as with most technology, there always seems to be someone who can call in the cavalry and save the day.

Companies developing real projects with Blockchain

Just as an example Let us take a look at 2 well known International Corporations who are already successful startups

Walmart (retail)

They’re using Blockchain to track some products back to their roots. They can scan any product and they get all of the information such as which farm produced it or which company did transport it to the depot and then which store it ended up in, right down to the shelf it was on in the store and the date it was eventually sold. We have no doubt that they will also be utilizing many Blockchain applications going forward

Maersk (Container shipping)

They’ve developed some tests tracking of its cargo. The test involved not just Maersk but quite a few of their third parties—the shipper, Dutch customs, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a few examples, with all of them tracking containers remotely. The tech’s reliance on cryptographic signatures makes it harder for anyone to mislay goods or tamper with labels while cargo is on the move, and can reduce the time goods spend in transit. Right now they’re already working in test mode with different ports, customs, and companies. 

These are just 2 example of how new Blockchain startups can develop into massive systems which will inevitably make life easier for everyone in the future.

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