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The illustrious Ipanema Beach is a jewel of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil

This beach is mentioned in songs and has made the Brazilian bikini well-known. Although it is regarded as an urban beach, it is still one of the hotspots of Brazil and the crowds flock to this beach every year. The weather at this place is warm, the water is crystal clear and the sand is white. Given that a lot of people flock here, the beach itself is jam-packed. So while you are there, it is a good opportunity for some great socializing and people watching.

You can get some refreshments from the street vendors that happen to come by while on vacation there. It wouldn’t be hard to find a cabana or hotel lounge for your refreshments, which is an invigorating treat to those who travel to Ipanema Beach. The snacks consist of usual munchies in addition to seafood. Another local flavor you can experience from a street vendor is coconut milk that is directly extracted from coconut.

There are assortments of facilities alongside the curved beach for those who wish to tread away from the beach for a little while. Happening on Sundays is the Hippie Fair presenting art from local artists and various musical instruments. You can listen to local musicians perform in the streets while strolling around the Hippie Fair. You do not have to be too concerned about dress codes because the Hippie Fair is being held outdoors for the most part. Just stride along the beach wearing your beach outfit and enjoy your trip way back into the era of hippies.

Even though this is one of the finest South American beaches, water sports are not offered up here

As an alternative, sports are being played on the beach such as beach volleyball and soccer. This is the perfect place to try your hand at playing soccer in the sand for those who love playing soccer. You can join in various games happening all over the beach. And although you are not an ardent sports player, you’ll surely enjoy watching others participate in these games.

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