Tips for Creating a Craft Shed

Crafting is growing in popularity. Across the globe, people are re-discovering the joy of making something from scratch and doing so with their bare hands. They really enjoy the process. So, unsurprisingly, sales of craft materials, kits and training are going through the roof.

A shed to stow your craft equipment

Making things is a great way to relax, learn new skills and gain confidence. There is, however, a problem. The materials and equipment you need can soon mount up. Plus, it can be hard to find a safe place to stow projects you are halfway through. Things get worse if more than one member of the family likes crafting.

Fortunately, there is an answer. If you have enough space, setting up a craft shed is a great idea.

Plenty of storage

Top of the list is good storage. Plastic bins with lids can work really well in a shed. They will protect your craft materials from the elements and provided you choose the see-through kind you will be able to see what is in each tub. Plus they are usually stackable. So, you can fit a lot of materials into a small space.

A proper work surface

Installing some sort of work surface is usually a good idea. When choosing what type to install think about the tasks that you are likely to need to do. If you can, opt for the type of work surface that can be adjusted to different heights. You will find a lot of tasks easier to do if your work space is at the ideal height.

Good shed lighting

You need to think about lighting when setting up your work surface. In the summer, you want to be able to let as much natural light in as possible, which means a shed with windows can be a good idea. If you do have a window just be sure to have a blind fitted. That way when it gets too hot or the sun is in your eyes, you can easily block it out.

For the winter, you will need good lighting. In many cases, some sort of directional lamp will be the best solution. This is especially the case if the craft you indulge in requires you to sit for some tasks and stand for others.

Somewhere comfortable to sit

It also makes sense to have a nice chair to sit in. Some tasks can be done sitting down. Plus, it opens up the option for one of the kids to come and sit with you while you are doing your crafts.

Shed Heating

Don’t forget about heating. An awful lot of people do not consider installing a heater in a shed. This is a real shame because, with heating, most sheds become unusable in the colder months. There are plenty of lowcost shed heaters that you can use.

Craft shed accessories

It is worth installing a couple of speakers in your craft shed. That way you can plug in your Smartphone to them so you can listen to an audiobook or music while you work. You also need a way to keep in touch with the rest of the family. A baby monitor can be a surprisingly good way to do this. It makes it far easier to get someone to bring you a coffee. Or, you could keep a kettle in your shed and ask your partner to join you for a quiet coffee in a cozy space away from the kids.


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