Types of Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing is a large part of the Smart Passive Income business.  There are 3 main types of affiliate marketing:

  • Unattached affiliate marketing
  • Related affiliate marketing
  • Involved affiliate marketing

Unattached Affiliate Marketing

These are your basic pay-per-click affiliate marketing campaigns where you have no presence and no authority in the niche of the product you’re promoting. There’s no connection between you and the end consumer, and all you’re doing is putting an affiliate link in front of someone hoping that they’ll click on your link, buy the product, and earn a commission.

The reason why all affiliate site types are so attractive is that no presence or authority is needed! It takes time to build up a reputation and trust with certain groups of people online, and many people are just too scared to commit to working on a blog or website, or just don’t have the time. For many, this is their only option.

Related Affiliate Marketing

Another form of affiliate marketing is Related Affiliate Marketing. This is where you have some sort of presence online, whether it’s through a blog, a podcast, videos, or on social media—and you have affiliate links to products related to your niche, but they’re for products you don’t actually use.

Involved Affiliate Marketing

Involved affiliate marketing is where you’ve used a product or service, truly believe in it, and personally recommend it to your audience. Not in a banner ad or somewhere that says, recommended resources,  but within your content, as part of your life and strategy for whatever it is you’re talking about. The product almost becomes something people have to have because it’s part of the process.

For more go here:  smartpassiveincome.com/3-types-of-affiliate-marketing-explained-and-the-one-i-profit-from/





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