What Is The Difference Between Microsuction And Endoscopic Earwax Removal?

The Difference Between Microsuction And Endoscopic Earwax Removal

Microsuction is used as the prefered method for the removal of ear wax using microsuction and the practitoner conducts the procedure by using either the operating microscope or surgical loupes to enable them to see clearly inside the ear. Normally a 2mm Zoellner tube is used, but a 1.3mm fine end may be used when working close to the ear drum.

Endoscopic Earwax Removal is the removal of earwax using an otoendoscope or video-otoendoscope to view the ear canal and ear drum, and various removal tools such as suction, the Jobson Horne probe, earwax hook, or crocodile forceps.

Does Micro Suction Hurt?

No, all Micro Suction Practitioners are highly trained, and will gently draw the wax from your ear using a CE-certified medical suction pump. and practitioners are recommend to you use a couple of squirts of Earol sterile olive oil spray, or a few drops of olive oil in either ear for a few days prior to your appointent, and the procedure is totally painless.

Our philosophy is to “Make the world a better place… one ear at a time!”.  We believe in the motto “Hear Better, Live Better”. However, ear wax removal is only one part of the equation…

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How Can I BOok A Microsuction Appointment In London?

The NHS hearing advice website is a useful resource or for a more Private, Confidential consultation see below.

There are several locations in London and for more Information, or to book appointments you can Click HERE

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